Hybrid App Development

Hybrid mobile application development lets you leverage the best of both native and mobile web technologies.Hybrid apps do have some limitations, but they have the benefit of being much quicker to develop and deploy to different devices types. The latest hybrid app development tools support hardware of several multiple brands to cater to the diverse needs of the users.We offer advanced mobile and tablet application development services.Hybrid apps are a great choice if you want to get an app into the appstore with minimal initial investment, perhaps to test the marketplace.Hybrid app will automatically be surfaced as an icon on the devices desktop.

Why choose us?

KR global systems can help you reduce cost and save time to build robust applications that can help your business.Our mobile development team focuses on a rapid deployment approach so that you can get the best of both worlds.Our team’s deep expertise in hybrid technologies can help organizations lower cost of development all the while leveraging modern java scripts with a smooth ux. We offer faster time to market ensuring that you do not miss out on interesting and timely opportunities. Enterprises today need multiplatform mobile apps that can be accessed via any device.

Services we offer

  • Design  -  We design prototypes and wireframes on the basis of user journeys and persona mapping.
  • Development  -  We ensure that applications work seamlessly on a variety of platforms and systems including Android and iOS.
  • Testing  - We test hybrid applications immensely and conduct timely code reviews, create performance testing plans, debug issues, check the performance of your applications
  • Maintenance - We monitor your applications to ensure optimized performance during peak load times. With effective monitoring,we reduce the application downtime.

Benefits of Hybrid App

  • Platform independent and reduce development time
  • Deploys to multiple platforms with minimal special cases
  • Access to device data
  • Content of a hybrid app is portable

Who We Are

KR Global Systems is a leading android and iOS app development company in Mandaveli,Chennai,India. The company’s wandering started in the year 2009.Responsive Web Design, Customized Software Development, Web & Mobile Application Development and E-Commerce Portals are some of its key products.